I recently had to re-encode my whole music archive (FLAC files) to AAC (m4a) to put on my Windows phone 7 – at a bitrate lower than I keep them at on my desktop.
As there doesn’t seem to exist an AAC equivalent of tool like oggdropXPd, I had to write a script to do this myself.

I thought of sharing it as it might be useful to others as well.

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Edit: This trick also works for Windows 8 & Windows server 2012 !

The default “Windows Explorer” icon on the taskbar in Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 opens the “Libraries” by default.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but I would much rather it opened up “My Computer” instead.

Fortunately, it’s a very simple change.

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My old LG DVD burner died (after an honourable 3 year long service), and I bought a new one – Sony DRU-880S.

Now the first thing I wanted to do was upgrade the firmware to the “latest” (read, “patched”) version.
I go to Sony website, and sure enough, the device isn’t even listed there.

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This tutorial is about using any download manager to download files from Megaupload using your Premium account – be it Flashget, Getright, Free download manager (FDM), Internet download manager (IDM) etc.

Megaupload’s FAQ states – “While you can use any of the major download managers, we recommend that you use Mega Manager instead.” Partly true.

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Windows 7 was recently released to public, and there was much rejoicing.

IT columnists still haven’t grown tired of singing its praises, and the public’s collective brain is like an empty cave that echoes the general noise.

The main reason for this, many of us feel uncomfortably in the back of our heads, is the low bar set by its predecessor – Windows Vista.
When Vista was released, everybody got their undies in a bunch. They wrote the OS off faster than the metaphorical one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

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