IPv6 tunnel on OpenVZ

You can get IPv6 connectivity using a tunnel, if you don’t have native IPv6 support.
Doing this is pretty straightforward if you have a dedicated server or a KVM VPS.

However, with an OpenVZ VPS, things are a little different.

Here’s how you can get IPv6 working on a OpenVZ VPS with a tunnel – Tutorial for Debian (tested on wheezy).

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In this tutorial, I’ve documented a step-by-step how-to for installing streeme on debian and getting it to work with nginx.

Streeme is an open source, html5 based personal (private) music server. If you wish to store your music at one place, and listen to it from virtually any internet connected device – Streeme is a right for you.

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Say what you will about Microsoft Windows, there are certain things where it just shines.
Case in point, Remote Desktop – so efficient, that over a reasonably fast internet connection, the user experience is almost as good as when logged in locally.
The Linux alternatives, while not as restrictive, are nowhere near as efficient.

The only thing that comes close is NX server.
This tutorial will run you through the process of installing NX server, with XFCE desktop environment, on a Debian (6.0) machine.

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The most common method of having a link open in a new window i.e., target="_blank" is invalid markup as per XHTML 1.0 strict.

If, like me, you are a stickler for valid strict markup, here’s the easiest solution to maintain markup validity when you must have your links open in a new window/tab.

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I recently had to re-encode my whole music archive (FLAC files) to AAC (m4a) to put on my Windows phone 7 – at a bitrate lower than I keep them at on my desktop.
As there doesn’t seem to exist an AAC equivalent of tool like oggdropXPd, I had to write a script to do this myself.

I thought of sharing it as it might be useful to others as well.

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